Other Agri Machinery

December 11, 2019

Agri Machinery work outdoors, often in constant sunlight and therefore hot conditions, so the belt quality must meet heavy-duty power transmission applications.


HB: HB1422, HB1582, 2HB2120, 2HB2385, 2HB2735, 2HB2790, 2HB3060, 2HB3155, 2HB3342, 2HB3375, 2HB3510, 2HB3813, 2HB3840, 2HB4225, 2HB5270, 2HB4560, 2HB6380, 3HB2225, 3HB2140, 3HB3080, 3HB3150, 3HB3467, 3HB3660, 3HB3685, 3HB3895, 3HB3925, 4HB3725, 4HB3760, 4HB3816, etc;

HC: HC1700, HC1723, HC1900, HC1950, HC2020, HC2130, HC2345, HC2388, HC2422, HC2490, HC2510, HC2516, HC2556, HC2630, HC2636, HC2653, HC2820, HC3060, HC3251, HC3320, HC3535, HC3400, HC3442, HC3550, HC4064, 2HC5231, 4HC3816, etc;

HD: HD1280, HDJ1480, HDJ2115, HDJ3520, HDJ3601, HDJ3872, HDJ4570, etc;

HI: HI1150, HI1174, HI1203, etc;

HJ: HJ1280, HJ1480, etc;

HM: HM2121, HM2307, HM2684, HM3100, HM3160, HM3854, HM4185, etc;